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During the pandemic in 2020, the GCN show posed the question 'How can we make cycling greener? in their 398th episode. This inspired the team at Road Bike Rental Japan, tired with the wastefulness of replacing perishable parts on their rental bikes, to put on their thinking caps and brainstorm how to make their rental & tour agency more greener.

The Road Bike Rental Japan team looked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and SDGS in tourism for some guidance and immediately made some 'green' decisions by registering with MyMizu, collecting tubes and tires for recycling and began using bio-degradable products on their bikes.

Further inspired by the good work of the MyMizu team and the quality of the MyMizu app, the Road Bike Rental Japan team decided that a Cycle Friendly App, which showcased the SDGS efforts of cycle friendly businesses would:

1) help them answer the common questions asked by visiting cyclists
about where to stay, eat and drink

2) promote responsible eco cycle tourism (businesses and tourists)

3) help cyclists play their part in achieving a sustainable future for all!

And with this the Cycle Friendly Directory and App was born and is now
dedicated to helping cyclists find both Cycle and Environmentally Friendly

Be an Eco-Cyclist and work towards a sustainable future!