Firstly, a big warm welcome to the Cycle Friendly App and thanks for visiting us here today.

The COVID pandemic has put all our cycle touring plans on hold for now but that doesn’t stop us planning and preparing, right?

Whether you are an organization here to list on our directory or an eager traveller planning ahead, we wanted to introduce some of the basic concepts behind the directory and app (in the works).

If you have already read our about page then you’ll know that our aim with the directory and app is to help cyclists find both cycle and environmentally-friendly businesses and organizations.

With that in mind, we wanted to create service related tags (listing tags) for businesses that give them the chance to showcase their efforts to promote eco-cycle tourism and provide those extra touches that make a traveling cyclist’s life easier.

We came up with the following 12 tags. While most of these are self-explanatory, some may only apply to bike shops while others are related to cycle friendly lodgings and cafes.

Let’s take a look anyway.

-Airport Pick-up

-Basic Tools and Pumps

-Bike Stand & Parking

-Cycle Friendly Concierge

-COVID Policy

-Delivery Support

-English Speaking Staff

-My Mizu location

-Oversize Luggage Storage

-Plant Based Menu

-SDGS Efforts

-Wifi & Charging Stations

Airport Pick-up

I guess the tag should be titled ‘Airport Pick-up with large bike box and panniers’. While some hotels provide regular Airport Pick-up/drop-off services, we wanted to provide a chance for those businesses that accommodate those cyclists who will be bringing their own bikes and require the transfer of their large oversized boxes.

Basic Tools and Pumps

We’re not talking about a full Professional Bike Mechanic set up here but whether some basic tools such as Levers, Pumps, Hex tools, Screwdrivers and spanners are available for use for free. 

Bike Stand & Parking

Riders want peace of mind that they’ve parked their bikes legally and somewhere safe. Businesses can expand more on their parking arrangements (security and payments) in their profiles.

Cycle Friendly Concierge

Some hotels have amazing Concierges that can assist with storing bikes, assisting with Deliveries and are knowledgable about the local cycling infrastructure. 

COVID Policy

Visiting Cyclists want to be informed about a businesses efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and whether businesses have a COVID-19 policy. Businesses can expand more in their profiles.  

Delivery Support

Cyclists may choose to ship bikes while on their travels. Often this means that their accommodation needs to receive the bikes from couriers and store them until the guest arrives. Not all lodgings can accommodate or support such deliveries. 

English Speaking Staff

Generally, those working in the tourism industry will have some command of English but the same can’t always be said for Bike shops and local cycle friendly cafes. We wanted to provide this category so such business can boast if English support is available.

Mymizu location

Mymizu is a free water refill app allowing visitors to top up their bottles at registered locations. The main goal is to reduce plastic waste. 

Oversize Luggage Storage

Visiting cyclists may want to stay off the saddle for a few days and go off for a hike; or relax at a spa. When they do, they may wish to leave their bike along with luggage behind. Businesses can expand more on their Oversize Luggage Storage facilities (security and payments if any) in their profiles.

Plant-Based Menu

The benefits of a Plant-Based diet for athletes and the impact on global CO2 levels by adopting one has become quite ubiquitous. Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels can show case their Plant-Based Menus here. 

SDGS Efforts

Each Cycle Friendly Business can introduce their own efforts to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals here. 

Wifi & Charging Stations

Staying connected and being able to charge up Phones, GPSs, Cameras and other Cycling Accessories is now an important part of the ride and riders want to know where they can recharge & connect.

These are our 12 listing tags but we are keen to hear your ideas. Feel free to email us if you feel we’ve missed something. 

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